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1977Khun Veerachai Leela-aswin began a family run business manufacturing metal work as construction materials, our products primarily includes different types of nails, roofing nails, self tapping screws with the help of family members. In 1990 he founded Jitchai Factory Co., Ltd. with start-up capital of 1 Million Baht. Both factory and office located in Kratumban District, Samutsakorn province.
1996Khun Voradet Leela-aswin, his son, graduated with a production engineering degree, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok is fully responsible for the production and set up a Technical Support Services to repair and get those machinery into better working order as well as implementing machines and tools for internal use.
1999We were severely affected from economic collapsed so we decided to look beyond our current market. Then we started to  produce mechanical parts for export market which was less impact.  In that primary stages, we had to rent some more machines from colleges in Bangkok Metropolitan Region.
2001After 3 years of hard working, we were able to afford the first but used CNC from Japan. Then CNC Department was named, some corner in the factory and parking area were alloted for use. Our customers were gradually increased due to customer’s word-of-mouth advertising.
2003After the economic crisis, we managed our business policy  with the Sufficiency Economy that we avoided spending over the budget and not create any debt. Moreover, we also rely on ourselves then we , for the first time, were able to spend our saving for  brand new HURCO CNC Machining Center.
2006Owing to the increasing customers with good sales, we built the first CNC building within the area of main factory and gradually purchased the machines once we have sufficient cash until finally CNC Department had all the necessary equipments.
2008We were granted support fund from the Department of Industrial Promotion to proceed on ISO 9000. More CNC working area provided to support the additional machines and expanded market.
2010The company has been certified ISO 9000:2008 and our executive was selected from the Department of Industrial Promotion to visit Fukuoka in Japan. After returning, Khun Voradej has applied the knowledge accumulated to improve the operation of the factory. Since then three group of Japanese business visitors from Fukuoka made a business trip to our factory.
 We realized that our  factory  was getting crowded with so many equipments  in the same time we were dealing with overseas customers  thus we decided to build a new factory at Tambon Ta-sao where it was only 8 km. from the original location.
2011In order to increase the production workability, we purchased 5 more CNC Machining Center from Germany and CMM’s Hexagon but due to heavy flood though we had not been damaged the machine installation has been postponed  to the next year.
 Joined the exhibition “Thai Subcon” which was our first time experience, we got many customers after the event.
 After flood disaster, many of our major customers experienced severe damage so we set the policy to repay our kindness such as  urgently produced the replacement parts, provided  some products or materials needed, help cleaning their premises, extending  credit term or even giving some food for encouragement.
2012We increased our capability of 5 more CNC units to support the high demand and replaced the old ones. At the end of 2012 we moved CNC Department to new factory  officially opened on December 1, 2012 as “Jitchai Engineering Products Co., Ltd ”   which was subsidiary of Jitchai Group under the direction of  Khun Voradej Leela-aswin,  the Managing Director.
2013Our company is currently situated on the large 2.5 rais lot at tambon Ta-sao, amphur kratumban, Samutsakorn province with working space of 1,800 sq.m. is functional with 21 units of CNC plus another 30 units of advanced tools and equipments.
 Perseverance and Goal

It is over 12 years now from our first day that started with machine rented until today that we have put in our will-power and fortitude. To build a secured business and maintain regular growth depends on customer preference. Our today’s success based on the customer  satisfaction as well as reasonable price, meeting  customer requirement in term of specification, scheduling and logistics, together with the prompt service in time of emergency, we each have a role to play in making our customers feel valued and get more than what they pay.

Our goal is to become  a versatile company in mechanical parts manufacturer, able to support from general workpiece to more precision or more complicated technical production. We always try our best to bring more advanced technology into our production, we are proud of the products we produced that the quality can replace the  imported ones. Though some may say ”Good products have to be imported , Thais can’t make it.” This saying is our challenge, once  this small business  wholly owned by Thais  has opportunity we will demonstrate that we can make it happens.