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JITCHAI ENGINEERING PRODUCTS Company Limited  is expertise in metal reform as well as other engineering materials with many different cuttings as follows :

  • Lathe
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding and Scrap
  • Welding
  • Gear
  • Key way
  • Wire-cut & EDM
  • Heat Treatment
Most  workpieces are produced by high performance CNC machine for quick , efficient and faultless production at reasonable price.

Main Products and Services

  • Mechanical parts – Mechanical devices
  • Jig & Fixture
  • Mass production,  rubber and metal molds
  • Forming as per customer’s demand and specification, prototype, test or sample work pieces)

Not only production, but we are also willing to give advice on site service once outstanding issues have to be solved as if we are one team “If a customer is having a problem, it’s our problem.”

During the past years, we produced hundreds thousands of mechanical parts to various customers. Over two million pieces were produced each year for automobile industry.In the meantime  our customers evaluate our performance that we are honored to be recognized as an ‘A’ ranking for our commitment to quality service. We earned their trust and their expectation that we will enhance our capability so as to harmonize with our slogan that

“Your Trusted Partner In Machining Work”

Jitchai Engineering Products do hope that you will gain a better understanding of our business and  the services we offer by viewing our website.  If you are looking for Machining Supplier , look no further than Jitchai Engineering Products.
We are expertise with high experience in metal reforming and many other engineering materials  as well as consulting service, onsite service so as to meet the concept of “If a customer is having a problem, it’s our problem.”